Bredene is one of the few Belgian coastal towns with a beach in a naturally protected dune area.

Due to the beautiful dune landscape, Bredene does not have a beach promenade. However, you will find sea promenades in nearby Oostende or DeHaan.

As the entire Belgian coastline is not very extensive, you can reach all the major seaside resorts easily and in a short time by car – or by coastal train, which runs along the coast from France to Holland and has a stop every few hundred metres.

Bredene Belgische Küste
Bredene Flandern

Bredene is a rural community surrounded by fields and pastures. It is ideal for family holidays, at any time of the year.

During the summer months, many events (also for children) take place in and around Bredene. There are also many fashionable places to go out in the neighbouring towns. Nevertheless, this nature-friendly coastal village also has many restaurants and cafés, all of which are child-friendly (and dog-friendly, too).

You also have a variety of sporting opportunities: Swimming, surfing, sailing, beach running, tennis, horse riding nearby, golf in DeHaan and of course cycling as far as you can.

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